Winiarz Andrzej, Dominik Poland.                                                                                                                                Version:    Poland   |   English

Education: University of Wrocław, Polish philology; artist photographer, Polonia activist.

Occupation: independent film maker and photographer; portrait, landscape, architecture, report, film set, theatre, concert, international conference documentation, advertisement, original works.

Career: in 1980’s and 90’s photographer in theatres (Kazimierz Braun portrait), concerts (portrait of Al Di Meola Band) and international film sets (portraits of Jack Warden, Patrick Bergin, and Steven Segal) in Wrocław. Published his works in various magazines or catalogues, e.g. Investors Guide Wrocław – City and Province, published by Bogart Ltd. Wrocław 1994; Business Contact – The International Magazine for Business People 1998; Eurostyl; catalogue: A Bridge to Europe, published by Kartikey Johri India together with the embassies of Poland and India (Johri family portrait) in 2005; Wrocław Opera: European Traditions (portrait of R. Wagner’s grandson) published by Wrocław Opera in 2007; Poesie no. 102 Septembre 2004 Paris – exclusive quarterly devoted to poetry (photos from the author’s exhibition “Totus Tuus”); Polish Daily News  (USA) (photos from Boeing conference in Kraków 2011). Since 2000 cooperated with Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity, Wrocław City Council, The Office of the Marshall and the Voivodeship, making photographic documentation of visits or festivities with ambassadors or international diplomats in Poland and abroad (Zbigniew Brzeziński portrait); President of Wrocław Office: official visit to Monaco in 2002; Expo 2010 (portraits of Professor Teresa Żylis-Gara, Andrzej Seweryn, Piotr Kraśko, Prince Albert). The Office of the Marshall and the Voivodeship: photos from meetings and conferences with international guests (portraits of ambassadors from 70 different countries; Wrocław City Hall and Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity: photos from the opening of the Czech consulate in Wrocław, conference in Pecs (The Visegrád festival), ceremony of giving the tile of the honorable citizen of Wrocław for the Czech Republic President (portrait of Vaclav Havel); Foundation of Golgotha of the East: photos from official meeting and international conference in the Polish Sejm, with the President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski and rev. Zdzisław Peszkowski (video recording used in the film “Memory”); World Association of Cultural Heritage of the Polonia, International Multimedia Festival of the Polonia (University of Polonia in Częstochowa): between 2006 and 2013, photo reports from the proceedings and festivals with Polonia guests and artists, Photographic documentation of Boeing conference in 2011 in Kraków, with Nicole Piasecki.

Individually, he took part in and photographed most of John Paul II visits to Poland, as well as the Pope’s funeral and beatification. The result of this work is the collection of photos, in the form of an exhibition of gratitude and memory, entitled “Totus Tuus”. First, there was an exhibition of black and white photos in the Museum of Wrocław Archdiocese, during the Eucharistic Congress in 1997. Then, color photos were added and the exhibition was presented on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the pontificate. Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz was the honorable patron of this exhibition.

The new collection was made in 2002, the photos of 100 x 70 cm were presented in easels. This exhibition was shown in many cities, e.g.: Kraków – John Paul II Center, with the honorable patronage of Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, Wrocław and Warsaw. It was presented in the Polonia University in Częstochowa in 2006, during the WPHA congress and the Polonia Festival, with the honorable patronage of the Rector of the Polonia University, Professor Eustachy Rakoczy. The exhibition was shown in Jasna Góra Knights’ Hall, in October 2010, with the honorable patronage of the Pauline Convent General Izydor Matuszewski and the President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, were many people from Poland and abroad could see it. Due to this, the work of remembering the Polish Pope – Father of World’s Polonia, became renowned and honored in many countries. Also the Internet version on www.awiniarz.com, played an important role in promoting the exhibition. The Institute of Emigration Ministry showed the exhibition during the International Conference “John Paul II and the immigrants” in Poznań in 2011. Additionally, the work was supplemented with two films: “Memory” and “For the Homeland’s Glory”. At present, the author records testimonies of remembering John Paul II (film materials), and preparing an album to be published after the canonization of Our Pope, to whom the love of God and neighbor was the most important. It makes us young and happy when we see the beauty of the meaning of our lives. The author claims that the Pope’s words at the beginning of the pontificate: “Do not be afraid, open the doors to the Christ” and “Totus Tuus”, as well as at the end: “Go down to the deep”, together with a private conversation during an audience, strengthened his faith. He treats his work as a mission of gratitude for the paternal care after some tragic episodes in his life.

Functions: since 2010 Chairman of the Commission of Remembering John Paul II in Częstochowa, the initiative of General Secretary of WPHA professor Zbigniew Piasek.

- 3rd prize in the International Festival of Catholic Films in Niepokalanów 2008, for the website www.awiniarz.com and the film “Memory”,
- 2nd prize in the category of websites in the International Polonia Multimedia Festival “Polish Homelands” Częstochowa 2009, for the website www.awiniarz.com,
- 2nd prize in the International Festival of Catholic Films Niepokalanów 2010, for the film “Memory”.

Distinctions, certificates, medals:
- Gorgets for the “Totus Tuus” exhibition from the Rector of Polonia University Professor Eustachy Rakoczy, Częstochowa 2006,
- Certificate of the Honorable Member of WPHA for working for Polonia, Częstochowa 2009,
- Certificate Vox Pelegrina for “Totus Tuus” exhibition, Mareil (France) 2009,
- Certificate from the Polish Peoples’ University for “Totus Tuus”, Philadelphia – USA 2010 (the initiative of Professor Janusz Romanski),
- Ignacy Paderewski Medal for “Totus Tuus” exhibition, Philadelphia USA 2010 (the initiative of Professor Janusz Romanski),
- Paweł Edmund Strzelecki Medal, Melbourne in 2013 (the initiative of Paul Gospodarczyk).